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Meet Keith:

Executive director, Keith Rawlings, is the founder of Youth In Action. This youth organization is currently made up of about forty-five middle and high school students who volunteer their time for fund raising and carrying out projects aimed at bettering the community.  Under Keith's guidance, the group has carried out such projects as: 125 miles of diapers collected, 14 wishes for Make-A-Wish, and 250,000 hours of community service. Over 650 kids have gone through the program with nine of them earning their Ph.D.'s


Keith is not only the leader of Youth In Action, he also serves as a role model and friend to all who participate in the group. Within Keith's hectic schedule of spending time with his family, working, and volunteering, Keith always finds time to talk with and listen to all of YIA's youth. Keith's dedication to and love of helping others rubs off on the members, giving them the desire to serve, making volunteering and community service fun for everyone!

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Our Officers:

President Serena Cajigal attends Cor Jesu Academy, where she is a JV tennis player and chamber choir member. She hopes to make a meaningful impact in  Youth in Action during her last year of high school.

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